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We’re experts in IRS tax amnesty programs. If you’re a US citizen, Green Card or US visa holder we help make tax compliance simple for you.

Our Mission

We use our expert knowledge of IRS tax amnesty programs to take the guesswork and stress out of becoming tax compliant for US expats and immigrants.

US tax can be daunting. Especially if you’re a US citizen living in a foreign country or a green card or visa holder working in the US.

As expats ourselves, we know just how transformational living and working abroad can be for you and your family. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Making the most of your career, travel, and cultural opportunities is just as essential as fulfilling your US tax obligations. Our team has provided peace of mind for hundreds of immigrants living in the US as well as US expats living in a foreign country by helping them become compliant with the IRS. 


In 2022, tax compliance is more important than ever.

The newly passed Inflation Reduction Act means the IRS will significantly expand audit activity, increasing the risk of penalties for non-compliant taxpayers.

The IRS created several tax amnesty programs to help taxpayers voluntarily meet their tax obligations. Streamlined Advisory are experts in using these programs to help bring expats and immigrants back into tax compliance.

We carefully evaluate every case against tax amnesty eligibility rules during the discovery process. Our ethics dictate that we will only ever accept clients for whom the IRS tax amnesty programs are an appropriate fit for successfully bringing them back into tax compliance. As a result, we’ve successfully managed the submission and acceptance of hundreds of tax amnesty program filings.


Streamlined Advisory founders, Lauren and Jason were expats themselves.

Having lived in Australia and now the US, they experienced the complexities of expat/immigrant tax first-hand. Spouses Lauren and Jason blazed a trail together to successfully navigate the US tax system.

Lauren recognized a unique opportunity to help the expat and immigrant community by catering to a gap in the existing tax services space. Thanks to her keen insights, Streamlined Advisory was created as a firm dedicated solely to helping taxpayers get back into compliance.



Lauren’s forte is delivering a seamless, efficient, and transparent experience for clients.

Using her expertise in operational excellence and relationship management, she skillfully guides clients through the end-to-end process of becoming fully tax compliant.

From their very first contact with Streamlined Advisory, clients are reassured by Lauren’s knowledgeable and empathetic manner. She leads clients through the discovery process, determines their eligibility for specific tax amnesty programs, handles the onboarding process, and manages client relationships.

As the consistent point of contact for Streamlined Advisory, Lauren keeps clients informed every step of the way from onboarding to completion of the engagement. Her responsiveness and willingness to understand client concerns are key to our business reputation for offering peace of mind in accomplishing tax compliance.

Lauren’s early career training as a licensed Occupational Therapist combined with her consulting, marketing, and business development experience gives her a unique edge. She’s a proven expert in designing strategies that help clients to accomplish complex goals in the most streamlined way.

Jason STOCH (he/HIM)


With his extensive knowledge of the US tax system and IRS tax amnesty programs, Jason gives immigrants and expats the peace of mind that comes with being tax compliant.

Jason is a Certified Public Accountant (US) and Chartered Accountant (CAANZ).

With more than 10 years experience, he honed his expertise in US tax and IRS tax amnesty programs. As an Australian expat living in the US, Jason also has a deep understanding of the Australian tax system. Not surprisingly, word of mouth saw Jason quickly becoming a trusted tax expert in the expat community.

Thoroughly adept at understanding and interpreting expat tax legislation, Jason is committed to staying informed in an ever-changing US tax landscape. His comprehensive, detailed knowledge is one of the reasons our clients remain loyal and entrust us to help them meet their ongoing tax obligations.

Jason has expanded his focus to helping bring expats back into tax compliance by using IRS tax amnesty programs. He brings peace of mind to clients in the US and abroad, including green card and visa holders, as well as US citizens.

“Streamlined Advisory was knowledgeable and extremely responsive, guiding me through the streamlined process. They handled what can be a complicated process in a seamless and efficient way. They gave me complete peace of mind knowing that everything is now in order and the weight that had been hanging over me is now lifted.”

Laura D.

"When they did the streamlined process for me they made me feel comfortable with the information they gave me, were very efficient, and quick to respond with any questions or worries I had. They gave me peace of mind throughout the process that everything was done correctly. Definitely recommend Streamlined Advisory for helping anyone needing the streamlined process."

Jayne Q.

"Streamlined Advisory assisted me in 2022 through the streamlined process. The team was upfront and honest. They supported me through the stressful process with calm assurance and knowledgeable insight. Their response time was fast and they were easy to communicate with. I recommend Streamlined Advisory for all US and international tax issues."

Taryn H.

"The team did an amazing job assisting us with our streamlined process application. Their knowledge and expertise gave us real peace of mind. We highly recommend their services"

Alan S.

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